GMAT Prep Objectives

GMAT prep course objective

The goal of MLIC GMAT Preparation course is to offer the most comprehensive, structured GMAT training to prepare you for a GMAT score of better than 700. MLIC GMAT prep courses beat Veritas GMAT Prep, Manhattan GMAT, and all other GMAT prep courses. Click on the button below to learn why MLIC GMAT prep course offers the best value.

MLIC GMAT Course Structure

GMAT course structure

MLIC offers 120+ hours of structured, comprehensive GMAT training, using frequently updated GMAT study and training materials. MLIC actually trains you using LIVE GMAT problems. In the SmarTest® GMAT prep, you receive 21 hours of in-class prep and at least 100 hours of training modules, tests, and study guides to review and practice.

MLIC GMAT Prep options

GMAT preparation options

MLIC offers a choice of 3 GMAT prep options: Industry-leading GMAT Turboprep®, SmarTest® GMAT Prep course, and GMAT Online prep course. You can also order the set of GMAT Study Guides for 700+ Score. Click on the button below to learn about GMAT course schedule.

MLIC GMAT Prep Advantage

  • MLIC GMAT offers 120+ hours of Structured, Comprehensive GMAT coaching and training. In the new SmarTest® GMAT Prep course, you will receive at least 100 hours of practice tests, and training modules.
  • MLIC actually trains you with MBA instructors, who take the GMAT once a year & score in the 99th percentile, not part-time moonlighters who have never been to Business School.
  • MLIC GMAT Study Guides and GMAT preparation materials frequently updated to relect current, live content on GMAT administration.
  • Industry-leading 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee
  • Register Now in the best GMAT prep courses offered by MLIC worldwide.

New! SmarTest® GMAT Preparation

MLIC launches SmarTest® GMAT prep in New York City, Chicago (Lombard), Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Singapore, and Sydney NSW. The GMAT course features 8 modules of SmarTest prep covering AWA(2 hours), IR(2 hours), CR(2 1/2 hours), RC (2 1/2 hours), SC (3 hours), Data Sufficiency (4 hours) and Problem Solving (2 modules) (5 hours) for a total of 21 hours. The GMAT prep class hours in USA/Toronto: Friday - 4 PM to 8 PM; Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 am to 6:45 pm. In London, Sydney, and Singapore, the class hours are: Friday to Sunday: 10 am to 5:45 pm. The Fee is U$895 in all USA locations and in Toronto, Canada. The fee is U$1,295 in London, Sydney NSW, and Singapore. All participants will receive at least 100 hours of training modules to practice with before and after the class. You can retake this GMAT prep course within 6 months of original attendance by paying a reduced GMAT course fee of $495 in USA/Toronto, and $695 in London, Sydney NSW, and Singapore. SmarTest® GMAT preparation course is not covered by MLIC 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee.

Unsolicited Testimonials

I took Veritas GMAT prep course before I enrolled in your GMAT course in Manhattan, NYC. Veritas Course instructor, Chris Kane, knew less about GMAT than I did. MLIC course was more comprehensive and professional. I would recommend MLIC GMAT prep course over Veritas Prep GMAT.
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  • SmarTest® GMAT Prep Course Fee in USA, Canada: U$895.
  • SmarTest® GMAT Prep Course Fee in London, Sydney, Singapore: U$1,295.
  • 40-hour GMAT prep course fee in all USA/Canada locations: U$1,495
  • 3-day Intensive Prep (Now called SmarTest GMAT Prep) is only offered in select locations
  • GMAT Online prep course Fee everywhere: U$695
  • GMAt Study Guides for 700+ GMAT Score: U$79
  • GMAT Study Guides with Audio lectures: U$129

Contact Information

  • GMAT Prep courses Hotline Numbers in USA/Canada: 1 212 682 5000 / 1 312 235 2850 / +1 213 985 3450 / +1 214 329 9678 / 1 888 565 GMAT
  • GMAT Prep Courses Hotline Numbers in Europe/Far East: + 44 (0) 208 123 5060 / +852 8193 4080 / +41 (0) 44 58 6789 7 / +49 (0) 662 721 7330/ +61 280 035 859 / +81 50 55 32 6500/ +55 12 32 12 3300/
  • GMAT Prep Courses Fax Number:1 646 390 7415/+44(0)207 681 1159
  • GMAT PREP Email Address:
  • GMAT Prep courses Brochure: GMAT Prep Courses Brochure

GMAT Program Inquiry Form

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The GMAT courses start on a date that falls on a Friday of the week during a month as indicated, and continue for 5 days, depending on your GMAT Course choice. For example, the 5-Day Turboprep®' GMAT course starting on Friday will end on the following Tuesday. The SmarTest® GMAT Weekend prep course will start on Friday and end on Sunday.

All Turboprep® GMAT prep centers in USA

  • Friday: 5:00 PM to 8 PM
  • Saturday to Tuesday: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
  • After-class home assignment on Saturday to Tuesday: 1 hour

All GMAT prep centers in Europe, Far East, Canada, India, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong

  • Friday to Tuesday: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • After-class home assignments on Friday to Tuesday: 1 hour

SmarTest® GMAT Prep in NYC, Chicago, LA, Dallas, Toronto

  • Friday: 4 PM to 8 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 AM to 6:45 PM

SmarTest® GMAT Prep in London, Sydney NSW, Singapore

  • Friday to Sunday: 10 AM to 5:45 PM

GMAT Courses Starting FIRST Friday each month

New York (NYC)
Mexico City

GMAT Courses Starting SECOND Friday each month

New York (NYC)

Hong Kong
San Francisco
(Bay Area)


GMAT Courses starting THIRD Friday each month

New York (NYC)
Washington DC
Los Angeles

GMAT Courses starting FOURTH Friday each month

New York (NYC)
New Delhi


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