Business Consulting

MLI Consulting can custom-design growth strategies for your business - whether you are a start-up business looking for markets and strategies, or established business seeking growth through mergers, acquisitions, alliances, or, sometimes, divestments.

MLI Consulting expertly creates scalable solutions that allow your resources and strategies to be scaled up or down as your business need changes over time. If you are a foreign manufacturer or supplier, we can find markets and customers for you in the United States and Canada, and act as your agents (eyes and ears) in American markets. This is important in today's seamlessly integrated global marketplace. Some of the specialized activities that we can perform for you are listed below.

  • Forming appropriate corporate entities for startup businesses.
  • Helping to create personnel and technical resources to facilitate growth.
  • Working with you to accomplish mergers, acquisitions, alliances, and divestments.
  • Implementing customer (CRM), sales, and marketing strategies.
  • Acting as agents and managers for non-USA corporations seeking local expertise.
  • Creating scalable solutions to integrate existing architecture with future implementations (legacy management).
  • Tailoring cloud and virtual solutions including virtual offices for your company.
  • Designing appropriate outsourcing solutions to improve your shareholder value and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud and Virtual Solutions

MLIC cloud computing solutions

In today's competitive global environment, cost and operational efficiencies trump ownership of outsized assets. Contain your IT costs and legacy issues; implement Cloud and Virtual Solutions.. MLI Consulting can help you implement effective cloud and virtual solutions to meet your company's specific needs.

Cloud solutions replace ownership with leasing options on pay-as-needed basis. For instance, rather than own your IT infrastructure to handle backups, you should consider going on the cloud so that your company personnel can securely access data from anywhere in the world. Rather than create and own office spaces in many different places, you can lease temporary offices or even use virtual offices without compromising operational efficiencies. MLI Consulting expertly customizes cloud and virtual solutions for your business. Virtual Office solutions are appropriate for companies that hitherto have regional presence but desire to expand into other geographical markets. You can use MLIC Business Centers as your virtual offices and use real spaces for meetings and trainings when you visit the United States or Canada. MLIC allows you to write off expenses for using virtual facilities rather than create balance sheet items. Today's competitive environment calls for variable cost solutions, not fixed cost strategies.

MLIC Consulting Expertise

General Business Solutions
Business strategies; sales and marketing management; relationship marketing strategies; mergers & acquisitions; Alliances and agencies. Advertising and communication strategies. Branding strategies; Market research. Market and personnel audit;
Technology-based Solutions
Cloud solutions; Data center management; Outsourcing of applications, manufacturing, and sales; General IT management; Webhosting and Web presence; New Technologies such as Solar, solar-thermal, wind, and oil.
Manufacturing Solutions
Process improvement; automation; Inventory Control; Enterprise solutions to integrate order processing and inventory management.
Education and Training Solutions
Sales force and management training courses; skill-improvement programs and preparation for such programs - GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT/ACT preparation courses; Seminars to improve managerial decision-making.
Agency and Representative Solutions
MLI Consulting can act as your American agency and facilitate vetting of customers, collect dues on your behalf, advise on appropriate business strategies for your company, and provide office spaces for you when you visit the United States and Canada.